Content Creator Training

Course Content

  • Doing Research & Idea Generation
  • The Power of Story Telling
  • Project Budgeting
  • Storyboarding, Script Writing
  • Set Design Techniques
  • Location Scouting,
  • Choosing the right production equipment
  • Ethics and Responsibilities in Media Production
  • Composition (types of shots)
  • Different Camera Movements
  • Exposure Triangle in detail
  • Manual Mode and 5 Most Important Settings
  • Subject Lighting Techniques
  • Using Gimbals and Drones
  • Audio Production & Sound Design
  • Which lens to use and why?
  • How to conduct Interviews/feedbacks
  • Chroma Key/Green Screen
  • Aspect Ratios, Resolutions, AB Rolls
  • Editing (using Premiere Pro)
  • Editing Assets (Free and Paid)
  • Understanding Copyrights
  • Data Management and backups
  • Highlights Videos Editing
  • Editing Assets (Free and Paid)
  • Lower Thirds, Text Animations, Intro and Outros
  • How to short form content
  • Selling digital content online (Youtube, Stock Photography)
  • Thumbnail Designing
  • Youtube Metadata (Title, Descriptions, Click Baits?)
  • How to sell yourself to clients

50 pro tips of local media production Plus 1 to 1 Guidance and Support

Price: $250

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Our objective is to educate Pakistani youth and give them a chance to explore the world by enhancing their hidden talents. Our goal is for you to fly with your wings by educating and enhancing your abilities.