SEO & Digital Marketing

SEO is a skill that helps websites rank faster in the SERPs. The training includes information about ranking faster on Google. You’ll learn Niche selection, Technical SEO, Local Business SEO, and Off-page and On-page SEO.

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Course Content

Do you know SEO is among the most in-demand skills on Fiverr and Upwork? By learning the skill anyone can earn up to $1000 per month easily. Let’s take a look at the course outline.

  • Introduction to SEO and Digital Marketing 
  • What is Digital Marketing
  • What is SEO
  • Importance of SEO
  • Types of SEO introduction
  • On-Page 
  • Off-Page
  • Technical SEO
    • Niche Research 
    • What is niche and Keyword Research 
    • Niche Criteria 
    • Types of Niches 
    • Informational 
    • Tool Based
    • Affiliate 
    • Which Niche is best
    • How to find a good niche
    • Flippa
    • Motion Invest 
    • Moz Link Research 
    • Amazon
    • Answer the 
      • Niche finding Methods 
    • Provide Niche Ideas List 
    • Keyword Grouping 
    • What is keyword grouping 
    • Which types of keywords group together 
    • How to extract different keywords related to your niche
    • Competitor Analysis
  • Niche checking

  • What is content writing 
  • Types of content writing
  • Importance of content writing
  • How to check which content is good 
  • Tools for Content writing 
  • Difference between tool content and Human written content 
  • How to analyze competitor content 
  • How to write Title
  • How to write a best article
  • Introduction
  • Content Body 
  • FAQS
  • Conclusion
  • Images Optimization
  • website setup 
  • How to purchase Domain and hosting 
  • How to connect domain  hosting cloudflare ,and install wordpress
  • Plugins  WP rocket,SSL,Yoast ,Wordfence,updraft 


  • Website design
  • Themes,plugins 
  • Google search console
  • Google Analytics

will learn how to conduct keyword and niche research for their app and determine the most influential ranking factors on the platform.

By the end, the students will be able to achieve higher visibility in the Play Store, increase their conversion rates and make a steady revenue stream from their network of apps.

  • Keywords
  • Icon Creation
  • Screenshots
  • App Category
  • Tags
  • Finding a Unique Title
  • Writing Short Description
  • Writing Long Description
  • Conversation Rate
  • Acquisition Report  
  • Google Analytics
  • The Right Time to Change Titles & Icons



  • Speed optimization 
  • Rank Math
  • Perfmatters
      • Social sharing
      • Branding
    • Forum Backlink
    • Comment Backlink
    • Niche edit 
    • Guest Post  
    • SoftRank Strategy
    • Seolytics
    • Email Outreach 
    • Nandla strategy 
  • Fiverr
  • /Upwork
  • instagram Dropshipping

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