About iSkills

We are in the e-learning field when Pakistan won its first T20 World Cup!
Yes, we’re since 2009. When most Pakistanis even don’t believe that they can earn money through the internet, we proved it by earning millions of dollars.

We took a step ahead in 2017 to teach our youth, and now we’re Pakistan’s most significant e-training center, with proven success stories. We’ve helped thousands of students to grow faster than others by learning SEO, Digital Marketing, eCommerce, Facebook ads, etc.

We’ve got a skilled staff that offers you step-by-step guides, not even during the classes but later on. Our students have produced outstanding results and grown their revenue. our methodology is proven and the results are accountable.

We don’t just pronounce it, we show you how to do this. You might just have imagined, that someone could help you through it, but the time has come, and we are offering in-house training in a comfortable environment.

What is our aim?

To be among the tier 1 countries

IT industry is the only field that can take Pakistan among the Top countries in the world. Our objective is to educate Pakistani youth and give them a chance to explore the world by enhancing their hidden talents. Our goal is for you to fly with your wings by educating and enhancing your abilities. 

Become the no. 1 freelancing country 

Pakistan is shuffling between 2nd to 5th positions in freelancing over the last couple of years. The objective of our program is to teach our youth the most in-demand skills so that they may change their lives for the better and help Pakistan rise to the top. 

As of now, on Fiverr, each skill has at least 5 Pakistanis among the top 10 gigs; our proven ranking strategy will help you get to that level.

It doesn’t end here!

Furthermore, you’ll learn about Upwork and other freelancing platforms so that you can accelerate your career. 


Technology has replaced humans in many fields, we educate you about how to use AI tools to get better analytics in your specialization. With the help of our expert trainers, you’ll learn how to get ready for the future and flourish as an entrepreneur in the world of technology. 

Training will enhance your confidence and give you a better understanding of the IT industry so that you will be better prepared for the future. 

Get a job just after the training 

Perhaps you imagined that you would be able to get a job quickly. 

Thankfully the time has come, just after the passing out from the training program, you’ll be able to strike for the job in any Agency. The potential of SEO is endless, and you’ll be taught in a way so that you can use it anywhere you want. 

With our courses, you’ll know your worth and at least a 40k salary job will be waiting for you in Pakistan after you finish them. Likewise, if you try freelancing, you will have more opportunities to choose from. 

Always by your side!

Have you ever encountered a situation where you were stuck on a project but no one could help you?

Think about that for a minute!

We’ve all been there, but now we’ve got your back. Whenever you need help, no matter what the issue is, you can always count on our team to be there for you. You will receive our support to overcome failures so that you can become successful.

iSkills Team


Tanveer Nandla

CEO iSkills (online teaching)


Khabir ud din

CEO iSkills Islamabad

Raja Waheed

Raja Waheed

MD iSkills Islamaad, SEO Expert


Maida Afzal